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Please scroll down to view the most recent list of detainees currently being housed at the Hoquiam Department of Corrections. NOTE: While we work hard to maintain an accurate an up-to-date record of detainees, the list is provided as a courtesy and is updated only as time is made available.


Information, Rules, Regulations


  • Visitation of inmates is allowed on Wednesdays from 12:00pm to 5:00pm.
  • Visitors must sign in upon arrival.
  • Visitors must provide a valid and current picture ID.
  • Inmate visits will be no longer than 20 minutes.
  • Visitors must be 18 years of age otherwise accompanied by an adult
  • Visitors will not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs upon arrival.
  • All visitors may be subject to search prior to entering the jail facility.
  • Visitors may refuse to be searched, but they will not be allowed to enter the facility.
  • Visitors who are a witness or victim in a pending criminal matter involving the inmate they wish to see will be denied visitation.
  • Visitors shall not have outstanding warrants for their arrest or be prohibited from contact with inmate due to a restraining order or protection order.
  • Inmates have the right to decline visitation.

Posting Bail

  • During regular business hours (9AM-5PM), bail may be posted over at the Hoquiam Municipal Court.
  • After normal business hours, bail may be posted at the Hoquiam Police Department. Bail may be posted with cash only unless a valid bail bond is used.

Inmate Personal Items

  • Personal items brought into the station for an inmate will not be accepted, with the exception of prescription medication which is properly packaged and identified.

Inmate Mail

  • All inmate mail intended for or sent by inmates of the Hoquiam City Jail, excluding legal mail, may be subject to inspection by the on duty Police Services Officer (s). Mail may be disapproved for receipt in accordance with WAC 137-48-040.
  • Cash, checks, and money orders are discouraged to be sent through mail.
  • No mail of a sexually explicit nature or that could be detrimental or endanger the safety and well-being of the inmates shall be accepted at the jail.
  • Mail sent to an inmate who is from a person involved in a court order or court proceedings shall not be accepted.
  • Mail containing illegal items or contraband shall be held and disposed of in accordance with the procedures set forth in WAC 137-36-040.
  • The Hoquiam Police Department is not responsible for the loss of any mail, cash, or items the mail may contain.

Court Hearings & Appearances

  • For inmates court hearing and appearances, contact the Hoquiam Municipal Court during normal business hours (9AM-5PM). Do not contact the Hoquiam Police Department for this information.
  • Police staff cannot give legal advice, if you have questions about court proceedings or legal process, please contact an attorney.

Related Contacts

  • Hoquiam Municipal Court- (360) 532-5700 ext. 235
  • Hoquiam City Jail - (360) 532-0892 ext. 120
  • DOC Office - (360) 249-5080
Bail Bonds-
  • Northwest Surety- (360) 249-2526
  • Jail Sucks- (360) 532-5000
  • AAA Bail Bonds- (360) 533-2122

Current Detainees

First Last Intake Charge(s) Bail Release (if available) Agency
Donovan Tate 2017-05-13 Probation Violation 0 0000-00-00 DOC
Daniel J Smith 2017-05-08 DOC 0 0000-00-00 DOC
Tiffany M Berry 2017-05-18 Disorderly Conduct 1000 0000-00-00 HMC
Arturo Vega-Garcia 2017-05-20 DV-Assault 4th 0 0000-00-00 HMC
Jason T Christensen 2017-05-18 DOC 0 0000-00-00 DOC
Anthony Sumait 2017-05-01 Probation Violation 0 2017-05-26 DOC
Breanna B Patterson 2017-05-18 FTA: DV-Vio NCO 2600 0000-00-00 HMC
Ian Slatten 2017-05-04 Probation Violation 0 2017-06-01 DOC
Stephanie Hodge 2017-05-10 Probation Violation 0 0000-00-00 DOC
Sherry Book 2017-05-15 Probation Violation 0 0000-00-00 DOC
Jacob Smith 2017-05-09 Probation Violation 0 0000-00-00 DOC
William A Comenout 0201-05-11 Probation Violation 0 0000-00-00 DOC
Dion R Lumadue 2017-05-19 DOC 0 0000-00-00 DOC
Andrew P Rasmussen 2017-05-18 DOC 0 0000-00-00 DOC
Diane M Trusty 2017-05-19 FTA: Assault 4th 25100 0000-00-00 HMC
Curtis E Vincent 2017-05-17 DOC 0 0000-00-00 DOC
Jerry Nash 2017-05-06 Probation Violation 0 2017-05-26 DOC
Paul I Harris 2017-05-19 DOC 0 0000-00-00 DOC
Lawrence D Smalley 2017-05-17 DOC 0 0000-00-00 DOC
Donald Davis 2017-05-04 Probation Violation 0 2017-05-28 DOC
Anthony Jenkins 2017-05-03 Probation Violation 0 2017-05-29 DOC
Colton Timberman 2017-05-06 Probation Violation 0 2017-05-31 DOC
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