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AFD-HFD Cooperative Services Feasibility Study

The cities of Aberdeen and Hoquiam engaged Emergency Services Consulting International (ESCI) on behalf of the Aberdeen Fire Department (AFD) and Hoquiam Fire Department (HFD) to conduct a Fire Department Cooperative Services Feasibility Study. After the departments gathered the information and data requested by ESCI in preparation for the study, the project team arrived in the two cities to conduct a site visit to validate information and interview stakeholders. The site visit by four ESCI team members occurred January 8-10, 2019. An additional ESCI consultant conducted work remotely to conduct a fiscal analysis.

Purpose of Study

The purpose of a Fire Department Cooperative Services Feasibility Study is to evaluate the agencies in relation to each other, the risk profile for each community, anticipated community growth (and therefore associated risk), and where there might be inefficient duplication of service (and therefore potential efficiencies through integration or partnership). In short, a Cooperative Services Feasibility Study focuses on the potential for economies of scale, leveraging strengths, shoring up weaknesses, and generally identifying strong partnership opportunities. It identifies for the policy-makers of each agency which options and which partners are most advantageous as well.

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