Chapter 1.04


1.04.010    Form of seal.

1.04.010 Form of seal.1

The seal of the city of Hoquiam shall be a circular die, two inches in diameter, with a raised fluted circle on its outer margin, and a raised indented circle one-quarter inch, in clear distance from outer circle. Between the circles, at the top, shall be the words, “City of Hoquiam,” between the circles at the bottom shall be the words, “Grays Harbor County, Washington,” within the inner circle and across the space herein from left to right, shall be the word, “SEAL,” and within said inner circle, and in a crescent form, shall be the words and figures, “Incorporated May 21, 1890.” (Ord. 2022 § 1, 1957).


See RCW 35.23.010 and 35.23.090.