Chapter 1.104


1.104.010    Fingerprinting.

1.104.020    Copying.

1.104.030    Jail booking fees.

1.104.010 Fingerprinting.

The chief of police shall establish fees for fingerprinting persons, other than those who are under arrest for a crime, who are required by law to submit fingerprints for the purpose of checking their criminal history records. The fees shall be based on the cost of taking and submitting the fingerprints but shall not exceed the cost incurred. (Ord. 92-18 § 1, 1992).

1.104.020 Copying.

Each department head shall establish reasonable fees to be charged for copying city records and other documents. In establishing the fees, the department head shall consider the cost of supplies, the time required to make the copies, mailing costs, if applicable, and if a records search is necessary, the time spent searching the records. Such fees may not exceed the actual cost of providing the record. (Ord. 92-18 § 2, 1992).

1.104.030 Jail booking fees.

The chief of police shall establish a fee for the booking of persons at the city jail. The fee shall be based upon the jail’s actual booking costs, or one hundred dollars, whichever is less, pursuant to RCW 70.48.390. The fee shall be payable immediately from any money then possessed by the person being booked, or any money deposited with the police department or city jail administration on the person’s behalf. If the person has no funds at the time of booking or during the period of incarceration, the police chief may notify the municipal court, and may request the assessment of the fee by the court. Unless the person is held on other criminal matters, if the person is not charged, is acquitted, or if all charges are dismissed, the police chief shall return the fee to the person at the last known address listed in the booking records. (Ord. 06-19 § 1, 2006).