Chapter 1.32


1.32.010    Standing committees established.

1.32.020    Standing committees – Duties and responsibilities.

1.32.030    Selection of committee membership.

1.32.040    Special committees.

1.32.050    Committee meetings.

1.32.010 Standing committees established.

The city council shall establish the following standing committees:

(1) Regulatory. For matters involving finance, ways and means, and special assessments;

(2) Public Safety and Law. For matters involving police, fire, ambulance, the judiciary, municipal code review, licensing, and health;

(3) Public Utilities. For matters involving property and building, municipal projects, streets, wharves, bridges, water, public lighting, and environmental quality;

(4) Human Resources and Commerce. For matters involving businesses including corporations, and franchises, human resources, economic development, and technology;

(5) Watershed. For matters involving the municipal water supply, property acquisition and management for areas contained within or adjacent to the City of Hoquiam Watershed boundaries, timberland harvests, and management; and

(6) Committee on Committees. To carry out the provisions of HMC 1.32.020. (Ord. 98-2 § 1, 1998; Ord. 91-8 § 1, 1991).

1.32.020 Standing committees – Duties and responsibilities.

The committees of the city council shall fully consider measures referred to them. The committees shall acquaint themselves with the interest of the city specially represented by the committee, and from time to time, present those bills and reports that, in their judgment, will advance the interests and promote the welfare of the people of the city. (Ord. 91-8 § 2, 1991).

1.32.030 Selection of committee membership.

(1) The members of the committees shall be selected by a committee on committees after consideration of the committee preferences submitted by each individual council member. The committee on committees shall consist of three members, no two of which shall be from the same ward.

(2) The personnel of the committee shall be as follows: The mayor pro tempore; the retiring mayor pro tempore, in the event such person is from a different ward than the mayor pro tempore and is still on the city council; otherwise, the last mayor pro tempore of the council who is otherwise qualified, and one member to be elected by the council. The elected member shall be chairman of the committee on committees. Any vacancy shall be filled by the council.

(3) The committee on committees shall make its recommendations and report to the city council at the second regular meeting of the council in January of each year and the recommendations and report shall be subject to confirmation by the city council. The mayor shall be ex officio member of each committee. (Ord. 2869 § 1, 1978; Ord. 2744 § 1, 1976; Ord. 2691 § 1, 1974; Ord. 2554 § 1, 1971; Ord. 1976 § 15, 1955).

1.32.040 Special committees.

Special committees may be established by the mayor, the council, or committees, subject to the confirmation of the city council, and shall have such authority as may be granted by the city council. (Ord. 91-8 § 3, 1991; Ord. 86-28 § 1, 1986; Ord. 2879 § 1, 1979; Ord. 2565 § 1, 1972; Ord. 2554 § l, 1971; Ord. 1976 § 16, 1955).

1.32.050 Committee meetings.

One hour before and immediately following the regular meetings of the city council of the city of Hoquiam shall be the appointed time for meetings of the standing and special committees of the city council of the city of Hoquiam, Washington, except that meetings may be called by the committee chairperson at other times for good cause and upon proper notice. (Ord. 95-12 § 1, 1995; Ord. 2565 § 2, 1972).