Chapter 1.38


1.38.010    Police reserve established.

1.38.020    Membership.

1.38.030    Identification card – Badge.

1.38.040    Termination of membership.

1.38.050    Duties.

1.38.060    Rules and regulations – Supervision.

1.38.070    Powers and authority.

1.38.080    Firearms.

1.38.090    Employment status and compensation.

1.38.100    Emergency services registration.

1.38.110    Termination of police reserve.

1.38.010 Police reserve established.

There is created and established a police reserve force with a membership of not to exceed twelve members. The police reserve force shall function as a unit of the city of Hoquiam civil defense and under the supervision of the chief of police of the city and the director of emergency services. (Ord. 3005 § 1, 1982).

1.38.020 Membership.

All members of the police reserve force shall be appointed by the chief of police, subject to the approval of each appointment by the mayor. To be eligible for appointment, each applicant must file a written application with the chief of police, be willing to serve an average number of sixteen hours per month in his duties or training, and meet the following minimum qualifications and requirements:

(1) United States citizenship;

(2) Residency within the county of Grays Harbor and not over 40 years of age at the time of appointment;

(3) Good moral character;

(4) An applicant must not have been convicted of a felony or of any offense involving moral turpitude;

(5) Pass medical examination and any required tests, written or otherwise.

Applicants must further complete any training program or programs prescribed by the chief of police, both before and after their appointment and at the time of appointment, subscribe to the oath of office substantially the same as that required by members of the police department and RCW 38.52.130. (Ord. 3005 § 1, 1982).

1.38.030 Identification card – Badge.

The chief of police is authorized to furnish each member of the police reserve force with a membership identification card and police badge. The identification card is to be carried by the members at all times. The police badge shall be worn only when the police reserve member is authorized to wear the prescribed uniform. (Ord. 3005 § 1, 1982).

1.38.040 Termination of membership.

The membership of any person in the reserve police force may be terminated with or without cause at any time by the chief of police. Any member may resign by giving written notice of his/her resignation to the chief of police. Upon termination of membership, all equipment of the member shall be returned to the chief of police within five days. (Ord. 3005 § 1, 1982).

1.38.050 Duties.

The duties of the police reserve force are to supplement the regular police force in event of a major disaster affecting citizens of the city of Hoquiam, to aid in the control of traffic and maintenance of order at parades, general policing of large assemblies of people, and to assist the regular police in the protection of life, property and preservation of peace and order, and perform such other duties as may be ordered by the chief of police. (Ord. 3005 § 1, 1982).

1.38.060 Rules and regulations – Supervision.

The chief of police shall be the commanding officer of the police reserve force. He shall have the authority to establish a training program, promulgate rules and regulations for the conduct of the police reserve force and its members, prescribe the proper uniform and supervise the performance of the duties of the police reserve force. The chief of police shall further have the authority to delegate supervisory authority over the police reserve to officers of the regular city police department and to designate the members who shall act as supervisory officers. All rules and regulations governing the police reserve force must be approved by the director of civil defense. (Ord. 3005 § 1, 1982).

1.38.070 Powers and authority.

Members of the police reserve shall have such power and authority as may be vested in them by the chief of police, in no event to exceed the powers of regular members of the city police department. (Ord. 3005 § 1, 1982).

1.38.080 Firearms.

No member of the police reserve force shall carry a firearm until he/she has received from the chief of police a certificate authorizing him/her to do so and unless he/she is engaged in duties which, by authorization of the chief of police, shall require the possession of a firearm. (Ord. 3005 § 1, 1982).

1.38.090 Employment status and compensation.

Except for the limited purposes stated in this chapter, no member of the police reserve force shall be deemed to be a city employee, nor within the scope of effect of civil service ordinances or regulations of the city, nor entitled to any benefits under police pension laws or any other benefits or retirement plans for city employees. Members of the police reserve force shall serve without compensation except at special events designated by the police chief, provided that the city council in its discretion may provide all or part of the costs of uniforms, equipment and/or insurance. (Ord. 93-13 § 1, 1993; Ord. 3005 § 1, 1982).

1.38.100 Emergency services registration.

All members of the police reserve force shall be registered as civil defense workers (Chapter 38.52 RCW et seq.) and eligible for any benefits or compensation which may now or hereafter be provided by the state of Washington through its Department of Civil Defense. (Ord. 3005 § 1, 1982).

1.38.110 Termination of police reserve.

The mayor and council may at any time terminate the police reserve and discharge the members thereof. (Ord. 3005 § 1, 1982).