Chapter 1.44


1.44.010    System established.

1.44.020    System adopted.

1.44.030    Board – Created – Composition.

1.44.040    Pension fund – Created – Management.

1.44.010 System established.1

There is established and created in the city of Hoquiam, Washington, a firemen’s relief and pension system as provided for in Chapter 41.16 RCW. (Ord. 1717 § 1, 1947).

1.44.020 System adopted.

For the purposes of this chapter, all of the provisions of Chapter 41.16 RCW are adopted by the city of Hoquiam and are made a part hereof by reference. (Ord. 1717 § 2, 1947).

1.44.030 Board – Created – Composition.

There is created in the city a municipal firemen’s pension board, consisting of, ex officio, the mayor, who shall be chairman of the board, the city finance director, the chairman of the finance committee of the city council, and, in addition, two regularly employed firemen elected as provided by Chapter 41.16 RCW. The board shall have all the powers and authority provided for by Chapter 41.16 RCW. (Ord. 1717 § 3, 1947).

1.44.040 Pension fund – Created – Management.

There is created and established in the treasury department of the city a fund to be known and designated as “firemen’s pension fund,” into which shall be paid all moneys, fees, etc., required by Chapter 41.16 RCW. The city finance director shall at all times keep accurate books of account of all transactions of such fund, and such accounts shall be audited as other accounts of the city are audited. (Ord. 1717 § 4, 1947).


See Chapter 41.16 RCW.