Chapter 1.51


1.51.010    Created – Membership – Removal conditions.

1.51.020    Meetings.

1.51.030    Authority and responsibilities.

1.51.010 Created – Membership – Removal conditions.

(1) Pursuant to the authority conferred by Chapter 35A.63 RCW, as amended, there is created a city planning commission consisting of:

(a) Seven individuals, residents of the city of Hoquiam, appointed by the mayor, with the consent of council, for a term of four years; and said members shall reflect the diverse character of the city. In the event a member becomes a nonresident, that person’s position becomes vacant.

(2) The members of the commission may be removed by the mayor, subject to the approval of council, for neglect of duty, failure to attend three consecutive meetings without excuse, or violation of the public trust. Before the removal of any member, the allegations upon which the removal is based shall be set forth in writing. The member being removed shall be given reasonable notice thereof, and he shall be given an opportunity to be heard before the council at a regular public meeting. Vacancies occurring other than through expiration of terms shall be filled for the unexpired term. The members shall be selected without respect to political affiliation, and shall serve without compensation. (Ord. 04-05 § 1, 2004; Ord. 00-11 § 1, 2000).

1.51.020 Meetings.

Meetings of the commission shall be held at least once a month provided there is business to conduct, and at other such times as the chairman may determine. The meetings shall be held in the Hoquiam City Hall, and all meetings shall be open to the public; provided, that nothing herein shall be construed to prohibit the commission from meeting elsewhere for the purpose of gathering information or other legitimate purpose. The commission shall adopt its own bylaws and rules of procedure in compliance with city ordinances and state law. Minutes of each meeting, findings made, actions taken, and each vote of each member shall be duly recorded and kept. The presence of four of the members currently appointed to the commission shall constitute a quorum, a majority of those voting shall be necessary to make a decision, and the chairman shall vote only to break a tie. No proxy vote is permissible. (Ord. 04-05 § 2, 2004; Ord. 00-11 § 1, 2000).

1.51.030 Authority and responsibilities.

(1) The planning commission shall serve in an advisory capacity to the mayor and city council, and shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

(a) Preparation and review of the comprehensive plan for the city;

(b) Review and recommendation on all applications for amending comprehensive plan and development regulations as provided in RCW 35A.63.100(1), (2), and (3); and

(c) Such other advisory duties as may be assigned to it by the mayor and city council.

(2) The commission shall deliver in January of each year a report to the mayor and council summarizing its activities for the previous year.

(3) The commission shall provide the city council with copies of its minutes. (Ord. 00-11 § 1, 2000).