Chapter 1.60


1.60.010    Yearly contract for advertising – When.

1.60.020    Notice for contract – How made.

1.60.030    Advertising in city printed paper – Exception.

1.60.010 Yearly contract for advertising – When.

The city council of the city of Hoquiam shall annually, at the first regular meeting of the said council, in February, contract for all city advertising for the then ensuing year. (Ord. 1377 § I, 1930).

1.60.020 Notice for contract – How made.

At least ten days prior to said meeting, the city finance director of said city shall give notice thereof, and of the letting of said contract, by publishing such notice, at least one time, in the paper then doing the city advertising; which publication shall be ten days before said meeting; and said notice may be in substantially the following form:1

Notice is hereby given that at a regular meeting of the city council of the city of Hoquiam, to be held at their usual place of meeting on _____________, the ____ day of February, 20___ A.D., the said city council will let the contracts for doing all the city advertising for the ensuing year to the lowest bidder or bidders.

Separate bids for doing the city advertising will be received and contracts for advertising will be awarded separately from all other printing. The city reserves the right to reject any and all bids.


(Ord. 1377 § II, 1930).

1.60.030 Advertising in city printed paper – Exception.

All such advertising, except when otherwise ordered by the council, shall be done in a newspaper or newspapers printed in the said city. (Ord. 1377 § III, 1930).