Chapter 1.64


1.64.005    Method and procedure – Exception.

1.64.010    Purpose of chapter – Duty of council.

1.64.020    Notice – Requisites.

1.64.030    Sales – Personal, real property – Conditions.

1.64.040    Sale of timber – Special rules.

1.64.050    Council – Additional requirements – When.

1.64.005 Method and procedure – Exception.

This chapter shall set out the method and procedure for the sale of city owned property except in the case of city owned real property acreage suitable in the judgment of the mayor and council, for industry and the immediate establishment thereon of an industry and land suitable to private housing development for the construction of new residences which real property shall be leased, transferred, sold or disposed of for such a consideration and upon such terms, provisions and conditions embodied in a written report of committee adopted by the mayor and council. (Ord. 2472 § 1, 1969).

1.64.010 Purpose of chapter – Duty of council.

Whenever it shall appear to the mayor and city council that it is for the best interests of the city of Hoquiam and the people thereof that any lot, part or parcel, or portion of such lot, part or parcel, of the property, whether real, personal or mixed, belonging to the city, should be sold, it shall be the duty of the council to sell and convey such property, after the same has been appraised, under the limitations and restrictions and in the manner hereinafter provided. (Ord. 2050, 1958; Ord. 1931 § 1, 1953).

1.64.020 Notice – Requisites.

The council shall set forth in the report of committee how the sale shall be made and the manner of conducting the same. If the council determines that the sale shall be a public sale, the city finance director shall give notice of the city’s intention to make such sale by one publication in the official newspaper. Such notice so published shall particularly designate and describe the property or portions thereof which it is proposed to sell, the terms and conditions of sale and shall designate the hour and day when such sale shall take place. All sales made by the city finance director shall be by public auction in the lobby of the City Hall to the highest and best bidder. The terms of the sale shall thereafter be incorporated in the necessary instrument prepared by the city attorney and approved by resolution passed by the city council and approved by the mayor. (Ord. 2050, 1958; Ord. 1931 § 2, 1953).

1.64.030 Sales – Personal, real property – Conditions.

If the property to be sold be personal, the sale thereof shall be for cash; in case such property is real, then the sale thereof shall be on such terms as the council may designate, which terms shall be incorporated in a contract by the attorney for the city, and any and all deferred payments shall be secured by such means as may to the council seem necessary, but no conveyance of the property so sold shall be made until full payment be made therefor. (Ord. 1931 § 3, 1953).

1.64.040 Sale of timber – Special rules.

(1) The provisions of this chapter shall pertain to sale of timber in cases where the mayor and council determine that a sale shall be by the sealed bid and/or public auction method, except that the sale shall be by private sale. The notice of timber sale shall be published as hereinabove required and shall state the day on or after which the sale will be made and that the offers and bids will be received at the office of the city finance director. The bids or offers must be in writing and must be filed in the office of the finance director at any time after the publication and before a time designated in the notice on the date of sale. The council shall evaluate the bids and accept the highest and best bid, but no sale will be made if the bid or offer was disproportionate to the value of the timber sold.

(2) In cases where the mayor and council determine that a timber sale shall not be accomplished through the sealed bid and/or public auction method, but instead shall be accomplished through a public works logging contract, the public works logging contract for the removal and hauling of the timber shall be made and completed pursuant to RCW 35.23.352, and the harvested timber shall then be sold through a separate sales contract to the party which, in the judgment of the council, represents the best available market for the timber at that time. (Ord. 97-22 § 4, 1997; Ord. 1931 § 4, 1953).

1.64.050 Council – Additional requirements – When.

Whenever a private party requests that the city sell a parcel of its real property, and the city council agrees to have the property appraised in accordance with Section 1.64.010, the costs associated with the appraisal shall be borne by the individual making the request. An appropriate deposit to cover the costs of the appraisal shall be paid to the finance director prior to any appraisal being done. The deposit shall be in the amount of the actual cost of the appraisal, shall be applied to the cost of the appraisal, and shall not be refundable. This requirement may be waived by the city upon the vote of a two-thirds majority of the council. The council may provide additional requirements, such as deposits or a certified check to guarantee performance by bidders in the sale of city property. (Ord. 96-14 § 1, 1996; Ord. 1931 § 5, 1953).