Chapter 1.82


1.82.010    Fund created.

1.82.020    Source of funds.

1.82.030    Transfer of funds.

1.82.040    Statutory authority.

1.82.010 Fund created.

There is created a cumulative fund for municipal purposes to be known as “cumulative reserve fund for library improvements.” (Ord. 2486 § 1, 1969).

1.82.020 Source of funds.

The moneys in said fund shall be the sum of four thousand dollars from the item “permanent improvements and repairs” under C.O.D. in the 1969 library department budget, together with such sums as may hereafter be budgeted for this cumulative reserve fund, and shall be used for the purpose of library improvements. (Ord. 2486 § 2, 1969).

1.82.030 Transfer of funds.

The finance director of the city of Hoquiam is authorized and directed to transfer and pay into this cumulative reserve fund that amount of money in the budget item set out in HMC 1.82.020 totaling four thousand dollars. (Ord. 2486 § 3, 1969).

1.82.040 Statutory authority.

This fund is established under and by virtue of RCW 35.21.070. (Ord. 2486 § 4, 1969).