Flood protection work shifts into high gear in 2019-2020

Aberdeen, Hoquiam receive $10 million for North Shore Levee project

Thanks to the partnership of the Chehalis Basin Board and Flood Authority, the cities of Aberdeen and Hoquiam received $10 million in capital funds from the Washington State Legislature this year. This generous state grant funds initial phases of construction on the North Shore Levee project (NSL), kicking critical flood protection work into high gear for the next few years.

Over the coming winter, the City of Aberdeen plans to request bids for construction of a new pump station at Fry Creek.The project is a required component of the NSL project, and will:

  •  Increase capacity of the pump station by more than six times its current capacity
  • Build a 16-foot-wide fish passage culvert under Puget Sound & Pacific Railroad’s mainline track
  • Install a new, lightweight tide gate
  • Install a fish screening system to protect juvenile and adult salmon

Construction is expected to begin in spring 2020 and take about a year to complete.

fry creek pump station renderingThe Fry Creek Restoration project, just upstream, is planned to closely follow this work. The project removes two undersized culverts at Aberdeen and Pacific avenues; builds a pedestrian bridge at Aberdeen Avenue; installs a large culvert at Pacific Avenue; builds a pedestrian walkway from Pacific to Simpson avenues; and restores about 800 feet of Fry Creek streambed for migratory fish like salmon and steelhead.

Restoring the creek and building a new pump station will provide multiple benefits to the community and environment, including:

  • Reducing flooding during heavy rainfall events by controlling the flow of Fry Creek through Aberdeen and Hoquiam
  • Reducing backup from city storm sewers during heavy rainfall events that contributes to significant flooding in areas near the creek, including Cherry Street in West Aberdeen
  • Improved habitat and recreational opportunities in and around Fry Creek

North Shore Levee – West Segment update

The City of Hoquiam has received an additional $416,000 in state funding for initial phases of a levee project that will provide comprehensive flood protection for large areas of Hoquiam – mainly west of the Hoquiam River – that are not included in the NSL.

State funds will be used to collect data, analyze, model, design, and plan the West Segment project, which ties into the flood protection benefits started with the NSL. The project will also use some of the same data and materials from the NSL, which saves the City of Hoquiam and taxpayers time and money.
Hoquiam River Landing, West Hoquiam (Photo credit: Denise Burke)

Project benefits include:

  • Removing 2,000 properties from the floodplain
  • Protecting more than 1,000 permanent jobs
  • Eliminating approximately $1 million in annual flood insurance premiums
  • Removing restrictive building codes, which supports future redevelopment and economic benefit to the community
  • Protecting homes, property, schools, businesses, and essential services

Next steps

Design and permitting of the NSL is underway and the process to acquire property and easements needed for the new levee began earlier this year. In addition to building a new pump station at Fry Creek and construction of the levee itself, there are other stormwater utility upgrades required for the NSL. The cities of Aberdeen and Hoquiam continue to seek funding for future project phases and will provide updates as work progresses.

About these projects

These projects are all elements of the TimberWorks Master Plan. TimberWorks was developed through a community planning process in 2016 and includes 34 recommended actions to reduce food risk while achieving other benefits including water quality improvements, habitat enhancement, and community and economic development.

Have questions? We have answers!

Visit www.ezview.wa.gov/timberworks for information about the overall Timberworks Master Plan and to find pages for individual projects. For questions about the NSL/Fry projects, please use our feedback form at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/levee, or contact Kris Koski at (360) 537-3218 or kkoski@aberdeenwa.govkkoski@aberdeenwa.gov. For questions about the NSL West Segment Project, please contact Brian Shay at bshay@cityofhoquiam.com or (360) 538-3983.

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