North Shore Levee

North Shore Levee

Investment Request: $10 million, Office of Chehalis Basin

The Aberdeen-Hoquiam Flood Protection Project is comprised of two critical levees, the North Shore Levee and the North Shore Levee –West Segment, which are needed to protect the Cities of Aberdeen & Hoquiam.

North Shore Levee

Investment Request: $10 million, Office of Chehalis Basin

The North Shore Levee will construct a 6.2 mile levee across the two cities, providing critical flood protection and removing over 3,100 properties from FEMA’s mapped Special Flood Hazard Area. The project will build resiliency in the face of future flood events, retaining existing businesses, jobs, and residents which have been on the decline in the community. The total cost of the North Shore Levee is $78 million and is divided in four phases.

Current Phase: The $10 million requested will be used to construct the Fry Creek Pump Station which is a key component of the North Shore Levee. Previous funding allocations have been used for design and ROW-acquisition.

Future Phases:

  • Construction Phase 1: Levee Construction to the east of the Port of Grays Harbor
  • Construction Phase 2: Levee Construction to the west of the Port of Grays Harbor
  • Stormwater Improvements: Ongoing, and will be funded locally



North Shore Levee

The North Shore Levee will:

  • Remove $1.2 million in annual flood insurance premiums from the community
  • Protect 3100 properties and 994 businesses
  • Maintain 842 jobs & create new jobs
  • $200 million in public and private investments protected

Despite paying for flood insurance, over the last 40 years, less than $4M in total insurance claims have been paid to the community.

Economic Impacts

Grays Harbor County is one of the most economically disadvantaged communities in Washington
State, with many residents burdened by flood insurance premiums.

Aberdeen and  Hoquiam:

  •  Current employment: 13,660
  • Current businesses: 994
  • In the last 4 years alone, the cities have lost approximately 842 jobs

We believe some of these last jobs could have been retained if businesses and employees were not spending funds on insurance premiums for their offices and homes.

Project Contacts

Briahna Murray
Marian Dacca
Project Coordinator
Kris Koski, PE |

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