Officer Phil High Award for Meritorious Service

Officer Phil High Award for Meritorious Service

This award is presented in appreciation for your work as the department Accreditation Manager. Your organization and leadership was instrumental in the department achieving State Accreditation by the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs on November 20th.

When you agreed to this assignment, I am sure you had no idea what you were in for. Although we had been working toward state Accreditation for several years, it took your dedication and hard work to bring it all together. I believe it is important to note your assignment as Accreditation Manager was in addition to your regular, full-time patrol duties and shift work.

I feel it was also commendable you took on this additional assignment at work while simultaneously working toward your master’s degree on-line at home.

As with working toward your degree, I hope your work as the Accreditation Manager has provided a unique learning opportunity into the many facets of a police organization. Your experience will certainly bring you beyond our successful on-site inspection.

I believe the criteria for this award fits your accomplishment very well:

Award for Meritorious Service: Awarded to any member of the department for outstanding job accomplishment that has contributed to a more effective and efficient police department. This may involve improved administration, improved operations, substantial cost savings, or other benefits to the department that have materially facilitated the effective performance of the department’s mission.

On behalf of the police department, Mayor Durney, the City Council and the citizens we serve, I am proud to recognize you with this award. I have no doubt our status as an accredited agency contributes to a more effective and efficient police department with improved operations as we pursue our mission on a daily basis.

This award with the associated medal and uniform ribbon will be presented at a ceremony before Mayor Jack Durney and the Hoquiam City Council on December 9th and will be entered into your permanent personnel file.

Please accept my congratulations on your accomplishment and I hope you will continue as our Accreditation Manager as we maintain our processes and systems in preparation for our re-inspection in four years.

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