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Code Compliance

Code Compliance

For questions regarding please contact Dorian Wylie or Orlando Howell, Building and Planning Official.

The mission of the City of Hoquiam Code Compliance Office is to protect community health, safety, welfare and quality of life while protecting individual property rights.  Provisions of the City of Hoquiam Municipal Code applying to housing, dangerous structures, property maintenance, land use, and signage are enforced in a responsible, courteous and impartial manner.

Code Compliance is everyone’s business:

Enforcement actions are taken both proactively and in response to citizen complaints. The Code Compliance Officer investigates the validity of a complaint and undertakes necessary actions until all issues are resolved.

Issues most frequently addressed include:

  • Property maintenance, including accumulations of trash, waste, garbage, unused appliances, and junk on private property.
  • Substandard or dangerous structures.
  • Overgrown, dead or hazardous vegetation on private property.
  • Junk or abandoned vehicles.
  • Use or placement of illegal signs.
  • Construction activities without necessary building or land development permits.

Common concerns handled by other City departments:

  • Missing signs, street or sidewalk obstructions, and potholes in streets should be referred to the Street Department at (360) 538-3972
  • Abandoned vehicles on City streets should be referred to Tom Taylor at 360-532-0892.
  • Specific questions regarding building construction, or to schedule a building inspection should be referred to Building Department personnel; Orlando Howell at (360) 538-3980
  • Planning or land development questions should be referred to City Administrator Brian Shay at (360) 538-3983

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any comments or concerns.

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