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Department Overview


Currently, the Hoquiam Police Department consists of 22 full-time positions in four basic divisions: PATROL, ADMINISTRATION, CORRECTIONS and INVESTIGATIONS. The department has a total authorized strength of 19 sworn peace officer positions.


The backbone of the department is the PATROL Division. Most calls for service and law incidents are handled by the Patrol Division which consists of four Patrol Sergeants and ten Patrol Officers. The division is working three 12 hour work days with three days off. The shifts are divided among a day, night and two power shifts. Minimum staffing is two officers on duty at all times, except for three officers at night.

Patrol shifts are covered 24 hours a day, 365 days per year to provide immediate assistance to citizen calls for service, as well as to facilitate random patrol and traffic enforcement.

Most members of the division also maintain collateral duty assignments on a regular basis. These additional responsibilities include firearms training, field training program, use of force training, evidence, patrol scheduling, Special Response Team (SRT), arson investigation, EVOC instructor, Meth. Lab Team, department quartermaster, computer networking, and special patrol/ grant projects (such as RUAD and Traffic Safety Patrols).


The ADMINISTRATION Division consists of the Chief of Police, the Deputy Chief of Police (second in command of the department) and one Administrative Assistant. At this time, there is no Records Section within the Administration Division due to a lack of staffing. The Administrative Assistant and Deputy Chief (with the assistance of the Corrections Officer) try to cover all of the duties related to Police Records, to include: answering the phone, assisting citizens in the lobby, filing police reports, local computer data entry, state/ national crime computer entry/ audits, creating statistical reports and filing the monthly Uniform Crime Report (UCR). The Administrative Assistant is also responsible for all internal department financial functions, to include the payment of invoices and the preparation of payroll.


The CORRECTIONS Division is comprised of one Corrections Officer who works dayshift Monday through Friday. The Corrections Officer assists with Records duties, answers the phone, supervises day-jail inmates/ work detail inmates and transports department prisoners. Since the closure of the Hoquiam City Jail at the end of 2002, the Corrections Officer is also responsible for the transport of prisoners to and from contract jail facilities at the County Jail in Montesano or the Forks City Jail (which is over a four-hour round trip).


Overview of  Hoquiam Police DepartmentThe INVESTIGATIONS Division consists of one Detective Sergeant and two Detectives (the second Detective is assigned directly to the Grays Harbor Drug Task Force as budgeted under Police Special Funds). Although the Investigations Division usually does not directly take general calls for service, the Detectives are an important support function to patrol. The Detectives usually become involved in all Part I Crime investigations and other complex criminal investigations such a frauds, forgeries and other financial crimes. In addition to ongoing long-term investigations, the division is also responsible for crimes against children, sexual assault investigations and sex offender registration/ tracking within the city.


The ANIMAL CONTROL Officer is tasked with working to make the community free of stray and dangerous animals by enforcing municipal and state laws, and to assist and educate citizens about responsible pet ownership. This position also directly responds to the Hometown Hoquiam tenet of improving the safety and appearance of neighborhoods by aggressively abating abandoned or junk vehicles on city streets and alleys.


The entire police department operates out of the police station located at 215 Tenth Street at the base of the Simpson Ave Bridge. The department typically handles over 14,000 law incidents per year with a ratio of approximately one officer per 500 residents. The department currently has a patrol fleet of six patrol vehicles (three sport utility vehicles and three Crown Victoria sedans) shared among the different shifts (thus many cars are operated 24 hours a day.) The department also utilizes two administrative cars, two undercover Detective vehicles, a jail van and a Special Response Team vehicle which is used by the combined Hoquiam PD / Grays Harbor County Sheriff s Office Special Response Team (SRT).


The Hoquiam Police Department recently modified and adopted a new Mission Statement:

Through community partnerships and problem solving, we take a unified stance against crime, violence, disorder and disregard for the law. With the budgetary support and cooperation of the citizens we serve, we help Hoquiam to be strong and self sufficient- because a strong community is a safe community.

This mission statement clearly recognizes and embraces community policing. At the same time however, it recognizes that our work is only one part of the effort given by each person who helps to make Hoquiam a safe, clean and friendly place to live, work, visit and raise a family.


PROFESSIONAL: As professionals, we constantly strive to work with the community to solve problems and to be responsive to community needs and concerns. We commit ourselves to always act in a professional manner, bringing credit to our profession, our agency and ourselves. We work toward fulfilling the beliefs and ideals of ethical conduct for law enforcement personnel and are proud of our service to the community.

RESOURCEFUL: We show pride in our community by resourcefully assisting citizens with solving community problems by using the laws of the State of Washington and the Hoquiam Municipal Code, combined with creative and innovative methods. This resourcefulness extends to involving community members to assist in reaching the goals of the department and the community.

INTEGRITY: We pride ourselves on our integrity, being honest and truthful, and consistent in our beliefs and actions. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of moral and ethical conduct and strive to be role models for the community. We also pride ourselves in being open and subject to review of how we conduct our business. We thoroughly investigate complaints against our employees and our procedures. We make appropriate corrections and take proper action when we are wrong, and we also defend our employees and procedures when found to be correct.

DEPENDABILITY: We pride ourselves on our dependability to be there for the citizens of Hoquiam in their time of need, general complaint, or just as a helping hand. We place great value on human life and human dignity, therefore we give first priority to situations that threaten human life.

EXCELLENCE: We pride ourselves in our goal for excellence. In our pursuit of excellence, we will respect and protect the rights of all citizens and hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence within the law enforcement profession.

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