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Message from Chief Myers

Hoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers
Jeff Myers
City of Hoquiam Chief of Police
Phone: (360) 532-0892

Allow me to welcome you to the police department’s official city homepage.

I hope that you find the information posted on this site to be useful and interesting. It is important to our mission that the citizens we serve understand what the men and women of our department do every day to serve you.

On this page, you will find links to our monthly and annual statistical reports; these reports give you a snapshot of the regular activities of the department.

You may also want to view to see a local map with the actual calls and incidents posted by location, date and time.

Crime Rate

Over the past few years, overall serious crime has been down in Hoquiam. The 2008 crime statistics reflected a drop not witnessed in Hoquiam in almost ten years; I believe this was the low-water mark for us, and for many departments in the nation.

Through 2009 and 2010, overall crime remained relatively low. We saw the crime rate increase 12.2% in 2011, but drop 17.1% in 2012. Unfortunately, we experienced two homicides in 2012 which certainly have a more serious impact to family, friends and the community than reflected in a crime statistic.

Given local and national economic stability, we will continue to closely monitor crime trends and work to combat the root causes. Unfortunately, crime rates often correlate to unemployment and other economic conditions beyond the control of the police.

Grays Harbor County has suffered from one of the highest unemployment rate in the state for most of the year. Recovery will be slow, but we remain hopeful and positive.

The stark reality is that the root of most property and violent crime is set within substance abuse (alcohol and drugs). As the economy continues to struggle toward recovery, I would anticipate crime rates will continue to fluctuate.

We are also still waiting to see the impact to public safety from the privatization of liquor sales and the implementation of I-502 legalizing the recreational use marijuana in our state.

Whatever happens in the future, we will continue with due diligence to take a unified stance with citizens against crime, violence, disorder and disregard for the law.

Crime Watch & Explorer Post Volunteers

I am very proud of our senior volunteers who comprise our CRIME WATCH group. CRIME WATCH conducts residential and business vacation/ security checks, they volunteer at the station doing office work, abate graffiti on public spaces, act as security at community events and help with other public service functions

2012 Crime Watch Volunteers

2012 Crime Watch Volunteers


So far, our CRIME WATCH volunteers have donated thousands hours of community service since the program started in November 2007
…[visit webpage]


Hoquiam Explorer PostThe department also sponsors a “Learning for Life” Police Explorer Post. This program encompasses youth between 16 and 20 years of age and exposes them to police work and the criminal justice system. Explorers undergo training and are issued uniforms so they can ride along with officers as well as assist with security at events, traffic control and other community service functions…..[visit webpage]

This combination of senior and youth volunteers has brought an exciting vitality to the day-to-day operations of the department. It is also a force multiplier as the department copes with competing demands to the city budget.

The Future

We continue to look forward to advancing our community policing objectives by tackling drug houses/ locations, enforcing traffic safety laws and targeting chronic public nuisances- such as abandoned vehicles and code violations.


Fingerscan EquipmentAs of April 1, 2013 (no fooling) the City Jail reopened to full 24/7 operation after a ten year closure through a contract with the state Department of Corrections to house “Swift and Certain” felon probation violators. With the revenue from this contract, the department will be able to offset a significant portion of the manpower and operating expenses to bring 14 male and 4 female jail bunks back into service.

This innovative public safety partnership benefits both the city and the state the City Jail holds both city and state offenders accountable.

I encourage you to take a few moments to read our monthly and annual reports, as well as view the additional web pages related to the police department and the city. I am very proud of the men and women of this department and what we have been able to accomplish together with our community.

Chief of Police
Updated May 13, 2013
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