Regional Fire Authority Information

Information regarding the measure asking citizens to create the Central Grays Harbor Regional Fire Authority

A Regional Fire Authority (RFA) is a special purpose district established by voters in a service area that provides funding for fire and emergency medical services (EMS). State law provides the framework for fire districts, cities, and other local government jurisdictions to consider forming a RFA as a means to gain service efficiencies while retaining local control. Creation of a RFA is authorized by state law. (RCW 52.26)


In a study on fire services commissioned by the Cities of Aberdeen and Hoquiam, it was found that the current status of the two fire departments was not sustainable. To establish a fire and emergency services department that would be viable into the future, it was recommended that the two departments merge operations. By creating the Central Grays Harbor Regional Fire Authority (CGHRFA), stability and sustainability could be achieved by…[learn more]

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