Report Storm Damage

The City of Hoquiam is collecting possible storm damage information from citizens and businesses who suffered any loss in the recent storm event. This information will be compiled by the Grays Harbor Department of Emergency Management and communicated to the State of Washington. It is critical to document all damage from this event in order to seek possible state or federal assistance.

At this time, the City of Hoquiam is only gathering information as to damage and has no indication if any local, state of federal assistance will be provided.
Gathering this information is the first step in the process for recovery and we appreciate your assistance and patience.


Please complete the damage reporting form available at Hoquiam City Hall, Hoquiam Police Department, Hoquiam Fire Department or the Hoquiam Library. It is also available at download packet here.

Citizens can also call and leave storm damage information on the HPD Tip Line voicemail at 360-538-3999

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