Tsunami Evacuation Walk Time Maps

Evacuation Walk Time Maps

The State of Washington has published tsunami evacuation walk time maps for the coastal areas of the state including towns of Aberdeen, Hoquiam, and Cosmopolis. The maps show the amount of time it would take to evacuate from within the modeled inundation zone of a Cascadia-sourced subduction zone earthquake.

Tsunami evacuation routes were developed to assist coastal residents and visitors in finding safer locations in case of an earthquake and tsunami. Walk time maps are available for specific areas along the Washington coast including our local region. The evacuation walk time maps show a more detailed view of the time it would take to evacuate on foot from the tsunami inundation zone.

More about Tsunami Evacuation Walk Time Map?

For tsunami hazards, evacuation walk time maps provide an estimate of the time it takes to move from a tsunami hazard area to high ground. The maps also show how long it will take for the first tsunami wave to arrive. Emergency managers, planners, and local decision makers use these maps to plan evacuation routes, put in place critical resources, and plan response. The public should use these maps before the tsunami occurs, by learning the routes ahead of time for home, work, and school.

The walk time maps can be downloaded here. Once downloaded it will be necessary to extract the files from the compressed folder before viewing.

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